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Here is the thing about this thing called love.  It can be thrilling, it can be tantalizing, it can be tenacious and sometimes it can be exhausting.  But the thing about love is that it can’t ever be forgotten.  What love people give to others great or small is sacred.  Whether together or a thousand miles apart or on another realm, love cannot be destroyed, the bond is eternal.

Love can be wounded.  Pictures can be deleted.  The physical presence can be gone.  A computer reset and love letters burned.  But love is indelible, marked in the memory and engraved on the heart.  Every look, every wink, every breathless moment of love can never be taken out of the universe or the minds’ eye.

But do you know what really is amazing about love?  It far transcends some silly little man in a diaper holding a bow and arrow.  Love never dies like a dozen roses.  And love is as delicious as chocolate and the only weight that is added is to the heart!  So, now with the Beatle tune blasting in this old girl’s head----

“All we need is love. wah, wah wah, wha, wah.  All we need is love. wah, wah, wah, wah, wah. All we need is love, love.  Love is all we need.”

---I encourage you never to put up a Chinese fire wall of fear when it comes to love. 

Relationships may fade away.  The fire wall may burn down and love may ebb but it never really goes away.  It has been released into the universe.  Imagine the eons and eons of love that has already been released.  How time and eternity would change if we truly understood and harnessed that love. 

Love freely.  But first, love yourself freely.  Only then can you truly know how to love another.  Don’t be afraid of letting that love fly free.  Always hold love with an open hand for it is not yours to own.  If it is time to set it free, release it with blessings and let the tears nourish the soul.  And watch it fly to heights unknown.  Be grateful that you were given the gift of love.  And like that old corny poster that was plastered on my teenage bedroom ceiling mused- it might come back to you. 

Even then, if love is truly set free, there is no expectation or thought of it coming back.  There is however, the anticipation of watching perhaps from afar that love burst into a million brilliant stars and light up the night sky.  The love that is within you can also burst into a million brilliant stars and light up those in your world.   Release the love and watch it grow.


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