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In one scene of the cult classic Harold and Maude, older seasoned Maude played by Ruth Gordon advises the young Harold that (my paraphrase) "you gotta go with gusto in this life".  In my minds eye I can still see the wizen character with a twinkle in her eye and fist clenched in determination trying to encourage this young man to take this old world by the tail and give it all you've got.
This brings me to my bucket box.  A few years ago the movie The Bucket List became popular.  When I started my journey I decided to make one.  I start including everything and anything that I might want to do or experience even if it was just for a taste.  I decided at the time that for every accomplished entry I crossed off, I would add another.  This list is endless.
To date, I have experienced a few things even if it has just been a taste.  Among others, two that I have scratched off my list are "take a swing dance class" and another that I have chosen to pursue is  "learn to play the guitar."  Over the years, I have collected a file of information of things on my list that I keep handy when an opportunity arises for an adventure.  It now has become necessary for me to create a Bucket Box for my Bucket List information.  Right now it is a New Balance shoe box.  How apropos!
My latest Bucket List information acquisition is a brochure on learning to ride a motorcycle which I obtained at the Woman's Expo last Saturday.  I have always wanted to drive a motorcycle.  I have never wanted to own one or use one as a mode of transportation.  I have never desired to travel across country on one.  My desire since I was a young woman has been to drive a bike head long into the wind, knees to the breeze, full throttle down a stretch of highway even if it is just for five minutes.
Now, before some of you get too much of a visual of this old girl as a biker babe with a black leather bustier, fish net stockings and chaps, I will tell you that all I want for this brief excursion besides full denim cover and boots is a matte black  skull helmet with the biggest, blackest, leather laced, braid attached to the back (gotta' have something blowin' in the wind).  Seriously!
So, imagine my delight when after an incredible time on stage with the Biggest Winner 2013 team being ambassadors for health and fitness at the expo, I found the Harley-Davidson booth (did I mention the bike MUST be a Harley)?   When I saw the woman standing there pamphlets in hand I was eager to speak with her.  Before I could say anything she congratulated me on my success thus far and commended me to continue on my journey.  I thanked her and briefly mentioned my interest in riding and that now I probably am getting enough balance and strength to actually fulfill this dream.  I filled out a ticket for a drawing for a free lesson, chatted for a few more seconds and off I went, treasure in hand!
Life for all of us holds infinite opportunities and endless possibilities.  There is always an adventure to be had.  Sometimes adventures come our way and sometimes we have to go after them.  Either way, I want to be ready!
Namaste and abundant, abundant blessings,
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